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CBI understands the urgency of any backflow complication that may arrise. Which is why we stock thousands of backflow devices and parts, most of which is traveling with your certified inspector when he arrives at your door.

Premium Backflow Testing Service

premium backflow testing serviceThe Chicago Backflow Premium backflow testing service was developed in conjunction with Simon Property Management many years ago. Simon had been paying a backflow inspector to simply certify their backflow devices, which didn't include any on-the-spot repair, cleaning or additional services.

Simon came to Chicago Backflow after realizing that over 1/3 of their backflow devices needed cleaning or repairs throughout the year due to dirt and debris in the water system and caused the backflow devices to malfunction. Not only did they have to pay the charges for the return trip, labor, and parts to repair the device, but it also cost Simon substantial and unnecessary administrative costs to obtain quotations for the work to be done, as well as needing to generate an additional purchase order every time a repair was needed.

premium backflow testing serviceAfter realizing the explicit need to simplify the process of having a backflow device tested, certified, and repaired if necessary, this prompted Chicago Backflow to create the hassle-free, " One Price Does It All " Premium Backflow Testing Service. The Premium Backflow Testing Service offered by Chicago Backflow includes the annual testing and certification of the backflow device, as well as parts and repairs as necessary, and any and all return trips needed to maintain the full functionality of the valve until the next annual certification is needed. Taking advantage of this ongoing 365-day program will insure that you are protecting your drinking water, as well as staying compliant with the regulatory authority.

If you utilize a test-only backflow company, that company has no obligation to provide you with any future services after your device has been tested. You will miss out on the exceptional emergency service offered by Chicago Backflow. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, when you call Chicago Backflow with an emergency, you will be directed to a live person who will dispatch an inspector to your site. When an emergency occurs with your backflow preventer, take comfort in the fact that Chicago Backflow stocks over $400,000 in parts, many of which are already in the inspector's truck when he arrives. Overall, Chicago Backflow's Premium Backflow Testing Service is "simply the best" choice for all of your backflow prevention needs.

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