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CBI understands the urgency of any backflow complication that may arrise. Which is why we stock thousands of backflow devices and parts, most of which is traveling with your certified inspector when he arrives at your door.

Residential Backflow Testing Service

residential backflow testing 
serviceWhen you select Chicago Backflow to test and certify your backflow preventer, you're getting more than you may think.

The Chicago Backflow inspectors are fully certified to test backflow preventers, but they're certified in good manners as well. When you open your home to a Chicago Backflow Inspector, that inspector has been trained to leave your home looking the way it was when he arrived. The CBI inspectors wear boot covers to protect your floors, as well as clean up any messes made during your backflow inspection.

happy familyCBI inspectors have been trained not to watch the clock, but to watch their work. While other backflow testing companies may want to get in, certify your backflow device, then get on to their next customer, Chicago Backflow is the polar opposite. Chicago Backflow's Premium Warranty Service includes a cross-connection control device inspector certifying your valve as well as a routine cleaning and repair or replacement of any loose or broken parts. (That low-priced backflow tester may not notice or care to take the extra time to do these things, or may decide to bill you later for these additional services).

Chicago Backflow is in the business of protecting your drinking waterâ„¢, which is why our inspectors take the time to ensure your backflow preventer is functioning exactly as it should, and to answer any questions about it you may have. It is important to us that you are protected from the harmful contaminants that sit directly behind your backflow device, just waiting to seep into your drinking water at the first sign of failure. While you may pay a little more for our service and protection than you would for the "in-and-out" testing company, the price is well worth the peace of mind you will feel after that CBI truck has left your home.

Value Added Features CBI others
Licensed Contractor included included
Annual Notification included included
Licensed Certified Inspector included included
Licensed Fire Sprinkler Contractor included included
Parts Included included included
Cleaning Included included included
12 Month Warranty Included included included
24 Hour Service Included included included
Largest Inventory of Parts included included
Largest Fleet of Inspectors included included
$5 Million Insurance Coverage included included